In their words…


“As a beginner, I was a little anxious, but yoga with Elisa was so relaxing! I felt very comfortable and really appreciated her explanations.
Elisa created a wonderful environment for me to learn and grow. She has made me a yoga Lover!”

– Monica S.


“Practicing yoga with Elisa always leaves me feeling physically and emotionally refreshed. Her classes are incredibly thoughtful and motivating, and she creates and leads a perfectly balanced and natural flow progression that provides just enough physical challenge while stimulating a positive and calm state of mind. Elisa’s classes have helped me achieve better balance and flexibility and also recognize my physical limitations and reasons. She has helped understand that every breath and every asana should be imbued with consciousness, and learning to better integrate ujjayi breathing into practice has facilitated refinement of my poses and therefore strength. I highly recommend Elisa’s classes for all levels of yogis – the sense of inspiration, physical strength and curiosity for body you leave with will take you to a great place.”

– Yoonju H.


“Elisa, yo class was da bomb diggity for shizzayy! So centering… breath and movement as ONE.
Soothing and nurturing energy, gotta love it. Thank you for incorporating the belts into the flow, allowed for a deeper stretch.”

– Chelsey V.