Birth Prep Workshop

partner-pregnangy-yogaWhile you’ve probably heard of the many benefits of yoga in labour, you may feel unclear on what poses or breathing techniques are most useful and when. Every birth experience is different and its impossible to predict exactly how it will go, but this workshop will prepare you with a toolbox full of movement and breath that you can draw upon for a more easeful labour.
Learn how yoga breath, postures and movement come into play during labour, and bond with your partner through hands on exploration of the birth partner’s role.
We’ll go over variations that you can adopt depending on your energy and what props you may have available. Plus, you’ll receive handouts with all of the postures to have on hand later. Leave feeling supported and confident in the knowledge you possess to birth your baby.
The workshop is open to expecting mothers from 32 weeks, or earlier if that works best with your schedule. While its recommended that you come with a birth partner so that they can learn how to best support you, it is not required.
There are no upcoming group workshops scheduled. In-home private workshops can be arranged for mothers and partners at a day and time that suits your schedule. The base rate per couple is £50, plus a travel fee. For details, please contact me at

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